Street Theatre


The Life Guards!

Funny, interactive, up-lifting...this silly double act has it all. Armed with mega phones, armbands, floats and inflatable’s... not to mention their essentials: mirrors, hair gel, deodorant, sunglasses and other vanity items. These two super safety conscious guys provide fun entertainment for all the family. They also come packed with a compilation of feel good, summer beach tunes from 'Surfing USA' to the theme tune to 'Bay Watch'!

Highly entertaining, interactive and full of energy the life guards is one of the most versatile acts Custard Storm has.

This performance can involve Balloon Modelling, Acrobalance and Juggling.

The Life Guards Video

The Studios!

Forget George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, say farewell to Alfred Hitchcock and Danny Boyle there’s a new guy in town. Mr B, most famously known for his Oscar award winning directing of Bankers: Operation Human Shield, the Nuclear Fall Out, is in your town this weekend filming for his new up and coming film. Inspired by the likes of the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (well, the idea of not having to pay the actors anyway) he and his trusty actor are drumming up the local talent to star in his new film.

Full of interaction, famous re-enactment movie scenes and visual comedy, The Studios is taking the World by storm. Bring on Oscar night!

(Can be performed on or off stilts)

Toys of the Future

THE TOYS HAVE ESCAPED! A break in at Custard Storm’s prototype toys lab had led to the disappearance of several highly advanced toys still in the experimental stage! Where some are too friendly and helpful for their own good, others...well let’s just say Santa won’t be delivering these just yet!!!

Bob and Gertrude; interactive dolls: Are you bored of your Barbie? Is Ken driving you mad? Then get the new Bob and Gertrude interactive dolls and make your children happy this year. Life sized dolls programmed in every day chores, acrobalance routines, and a general willingness to help out where ever possible.

Action hero Ben; hasn’t had all the kinks worked out yet and must be found soon. Sometimes he’s naughty and sometimes he’s nice. Trouble is his over willingness to be nice can lead to mischief untold! A complex hyper-active, character comes with the ability to sing, save and secure. However, his attention span is about as short as his battery life!

Juggling Jack, a Jack of all Trades! Equipped with his unicycle, juggling, balloon modelling and street magic was almost ready for sample sales, isn’t very good at listening though and may have a couple of other defaults we don’t know about yet!

Mesmerising Marcus is a very advanced prototype that can actually see into the future (or at least he thinks he can) with the aid of his crystal ball. Comes equipped with bad magic to spectacular magic.

Cops and Robbers

Our most popular double stilt act. Consisting of a continuous game of cat and mouse they provide a fantastic interactive piece that can be used at any event from walking the carnival parade to chasing each other on the field events area. With mischievous antics and community services of 'balloon modelling' and ‘magic’ this is a great-fun piece of family entertainment.

They can even be performed on powerisers (bouncy stilts) for maximum effect; on firm surfaces.

Also now available with The Judge!

The (lost) Explorers

"Move over Indiana Jones, there are two new adventurer explorers in town! Dr Forget-me-nots, and trusty assistant Mr Errm. Most famously known for their discovery of the Lost Marmite Tribe of the Forbidden Land and the infamous unearthing of the City of Gold-en Crayons. They are now heading to Greenwich to see what findings can be uncovered there for king and country! They do get confused and lost very easily!"

(Available on or off stilts)

Video from a recent event